Food Trucks and Wineries

Per usual, Joe and I spent last weekend exploring California by way of food and drinks. First stop- Off the Grid in Fort Mason for a Friday evening of food and music. Off the Grid is an organization of popular food trucks that spring up throughout the city, and you can find unique treats such as bacon and panko encrusted chicken fingers, Indian curried burritos and tater tots seasoned with rosemary and garlic. Perhaps my favorite treat of the evening, however, was a waffle cone taco filled with mint chip ice cream and dipped in hardened chocolate sauce. Yum!

May 4 6

May 4 3

May 4 2

May 4 1

Scarf, H&M – Shirt, Old Navy – Jacket, Gap – Pants, Nine West Vintage America Collection – Flats, Franco Sarto (similar here) – Bag, Kate Spade (similar here)

May 4 7

Saturday’s weather was gorgeous, and it was the perfect opportunity to take a drive up to Napa Valley. It’s only an hour’s drive but feels like a world away from the city, making it an ideal day trip on a sunny weekend.

May 4 5

The view overlooking Sterling Vineyards- the only vineyard in the world to have a tram for access to the vineyard. Hanging 90 feet in the air with 360 degree views of the grounds was certainly an impressive introduction.

May 4 4

Dress, H&M – Jacket, Old Navy

May 4 11

Rows upon rows of oak barrels

May 4 10

May 4 9

The tour was a bit of a maze, circling throughout the various levels of the winery. The last stop brings you onto this veranda with breathtaking views.

May 4 8

All in all, quite the successful weekend!

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