Green with (Sofa) Envy

There are many things that made this move to California exciting- exploring a new city, the sun-drenched weather, and of course, settling into a more relaxed lifestyle. But above all else, what I’ve been having the most fun with is decorating our new apartment from scratch. This has been a longer process than any other move we’ve tackled in the past because we quite literally came out here with nothing. We drove away from New York with essentially what we could fit in our car; clothes, mementos and a television that I couldn’t pry out of Joe’s hands even if I tried.  We’ve had a blast picking out everything, from plates and silverware to sheets and furniture. At this point, we’ve gathered all of the basics and are ready for the real fun to begin in terms of furniture and finishing touches.

As always, Pinterest has been a huge source of inspiration, and I’ve spent weeks gathering ideas for our new space. For whatever reason, I have become obsessed with a palette of green, black and white, particularly with a green couch. So obsessed, in fact, that we purchased a velvet green sofa from Macys’ weeks ago, before we had anything else for the space. It’s going to take a few more weeks to be custom made, so until then, we’ll have to make do with our inspiration photos and a blow-up mattress as a makeshift couch. Yikes!

Check out some of my inspiration photos below. Do you love this aesthetic as much as I do?

Green Couch 1La Dolce Vita

Green Couch 2La Dolce Vita 

Green Couch 3

Daily Crush 

Green Couch 4

Decor Pad 

Green Couch 5

Live Breathe Decor 

Green Couch 6


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