Apartment Sneak Peak

As we continue to settle into our apartment, I’m really taking my time with choosing and perfecting the details. It’s been exciting to really start fresh and build our home from scratch. We’re still a long way from completion- the couch has yet to be delivered (check out my inspiration here!) Regardless, I’m really happy with the progress thus far, despite still having to use a blow up mattress as a sofa.

In the meantime, check out a sneak peak of some of my favorite pieces!

Apt 1

Because I’m now working from home, I’ve made it a point to always have fresh flowers in the apartment. It may sound trivial, but having some life in the place instantly lifts the mood.

Vase- West Elm; Coasters- Anthropologie

Apt 2

On a recent excursion to Home Goods, I spotted this side table and instantly fell in love. I’m obsessed with the detailed wood bottom and marble top- it’s a great space filler for an empty corner in the bedroom. I’m not sure what I’ll ultimately have on display here, but for now, I added a painted vase that we picked up in Ecuador, a thrifted lantern and a ceramic elephant Joe brought home from Thailand.

Apt 3

This chair! I’ve been dreaming about Eames chairs for a long time but never had the need or space for them. When designing my office nook, I was thrilled to finally have an excuse to purchase one. It’s a replica (the original chairs are approx. $500 and way out of my budget), but it’s comfortable, sturdy and exactly the look I was going for.

Apt 4

This was another Home Goods find- believe it or not, it’s an original piece by an Australian artist. The colors spoke to me as I was quickly making my way through the aisle of mass-produced and predicable canvases, and I was thrilled to discover that Home Goods has started to incorporate some real art in addition to the cheaper options.


Apt 5

Who doesn’t love succulents? We bought a number of these plants at the Treasure Island Flea Market (check out my post on that here!) On our way out of the market, we also stumbled on some vintage library card drawers, and I instantly knew I needed them to use as planters. I’ve had my eye on full-sized library card or apothecary drawer units, but true vintage pieces tend to be far outside my budget. This feels like a great compromise for now.


Apt 6

Some artwork in the kitchen- the corkboard is a DIY project brought with us from New York, and the print is a vintage book page also from the Treasure Island Flea Market.


Apt 7

These are two pieces that don’t have a home yet.  The print is actually Mayan art purchased in Mexico- it’s thin paper that has been dyed with natural coloring from berries, etc. The table is a piece I found at a thrift store in SF. I love the mirrored finish and think it will be a nice contrast to other, more industrial pieces we have in the space.


Apt 8

And finally, some desk necessities. We bought a slew of mason jars that we’ve been using for just about everything- pen holders, drinking glasses, organizing small items, etc. The skull is another treasure brought back from Mexico. I suppose it’s a bit strange to have him on my desk staring at me all day, but I love the design and colors of it.

 Stay tuned for more apartment pictures as soon as we have more furniture in place!

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