My Weekend with Loeffler Randall

I must confess, I tend to be an obsessive person, particularly with new purchases. I tend to wear new items nearly every day for a few weeks until I become (almost) tired of them. Case in point, the hat I purchased over Memorial Day weekend and wore for three days straight.

This past weekend, my obsession came in the form of my new Loeffler Randall bag that finally arrived. I spent a long time deciding which bag to splurge on (check out  other options I considered here), and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. Thus, it quickly became a weekend spent with Loeffler Randall.


Friday evening started with drinks on the rooftop bar El Techo (fantastic cocktails and great Mexican food that’s worth waiting for), followed by a stroll through some neighborhoods we have yet to really spend much time in- Noe Valley and the Castro.

Loef 2

The homes in these neighborhoods are absolutely incredible- I’d give an arm and a leg to live in any one of them, although I’m particularly obsessed with this one covered in ivy!

Loef 3

Blazer: Banana Republic | Jeans: Nine West | Shoes: Me Too | Necklace: Vintage

Loef 4

File this in “things you’ll never see in NYC”:

Loef 5

Sun setting over Noe Valley

Loef 7

On Saturday, we headed back up to wine country, a weekend activity that has become a regular tradition (not complaining!) We spent time in Sonoma and enjoyed some tastings and a great brunch at Korbel’s champagne cellars.

Loef 6

Pomegranate bellini and a BLT+avocado sandwich= heaven!

Loef 8

Loef 9

I never seem to get tired of wine out here.

Loef 11

Loef 12

Hat: Thrifted | Chambray: Gap | Maxi: Target | Sandals: Target | Necklace: Vintage

After filling up on champagne, we headed over to the Russian River to check out one of the watering holes. Next time, we plan to bring bathing suits- it was the warmest water we’ve found in NorCal thus far! I must say, my naive expectations of living a beachy and tropical life out here in CA were shot down quickly when I realized how temperamental the Bay Area’s weather is.

Loef 10
And finally, Sunday was a day for relaxing. The weather was surprisingly warm for the Bay Area, perfect for enjoying our balcony and a book that I highly recommend – #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso, the founder and CEO of Nasty Gal. It offers a unique and interesting perspective on success and making it in any field, even if it happens to take some unconventional methods to do so.

Loef 14

Shirt: Old Navy (love this one!) | Shorts: Uniqlo | Wedges: Charles by Charles David  (similar here) | Sunnies: Michael Kors

Thanks for reading- hope you have a great start to your week!

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Tanning in Tahoe

From the moment we made the decision to move to the West Coast, we knew that taking a trip to Lake Tahoe would be at the top of our list of things to do. For awhile, it felt like a major production that we would have to spend time planning and setting aside a significant amount of time for, as it is over three hours from the city.

However,  just days before Joe’s birthday weekend, we made the spontaneous decision to just go. No planning, no stress, just hopping in the car on a Saturday morning and booking a hotel on the way.

The landscape around Tahoe is just incredible. These were our views immediately after getting off the highway…

Tahoe 13

Tahoe 12

Just don’t get too close to the edge! It was a pretty terrifying drop.Tahoe 11

Selfie reflection in his sunglasses…oops!Tahoe 10

A birthday lunch has to include a flight of beer, obviously. A generous sampling at The Brewery.
Tahoe 9

After a quick lunch, we headed to the beach at Zephyr Cove. My mind was boggled by the concept of sitting on the beach in 80-degree weather with snow-capped mountains looming in the distance.

Tahoe 7

It also helped that we had access to Sunset Bar & Grille and their strawberry daiquiris right on the beach.

Tahoe 8
The setting sun.

Tahoe 6

Tahoe 4

On Sunday, we felt a bit more adventurous and ended up renting jet skis. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of us in action,  as I knew my phone would go swimming if I tried to bring it along.

Tahoe 3

Tahoe 1

Definitely a place that I would return to over and over again. It’s amazing how the California lifestyle has allowed me to stop letting everything be such a production- spontaneous trip to Tahoe? Quick day trip up to Napa? Why not? I’ve become accustomed to just getting out there and doing things without hesitation, which has made life a lot more fun lately. Hopefully, there will be more trips coming soon!

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Sunday in the Mission

Mission 6 copy

In an ongoing effort to see everything this city has to offer, Joe and I have attempting to spend time in different neighborhoods each week. This Sunday, we found ourselves in the Mission District, an area that is definitely the Williamsburg of San Francisco. Although, I have to say, Williamsburg has nothing on these incredible Victorian homes…

Mission 2

In our wanderings, we stumbled up on Dog Eared Books, a great used & new bookstore full of variety and character. It instantly reminded me of NYC’s Strand, but smaller.

Mission 3

Just a few blocks from the shopping and restaurants on Valencia Street is Dolores Park, a grassy expanse with great views of the city. I’ve come to realize and appreciate that San Francisco is a city full of parks, often located at the crest of a hill and with a view (but really, what in SF isn’t on a hill?)

Mission 4

Mission 5

Also like Brooklyn, the Mission is definitely not lacking in street art. The weather was gorgeous but typical for a San Francisco summer- mid to high 60’s- hence the jacket.  To be honest, I prefer this kind of weather; there’s nothing worse than dripping in sweat on a hot NYC summer day.

Mission 1

Mission 7Jacket: Kensie (love this blue one and would kill for this designer version) | Shirt: Uniqlo | Jeans: Gap |Bag: 3.1. Phillip Lim for Target | Necklace : H&M

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Bags, Bags, Bags,

It’s been a busy but great past few weeks- between a promotion and a last-minute work trip to NYC, I’m overwhelmed but excited about what’s store.
Now that things are calming down a bit, it’s time to celebrate! As an admitted bag-hoarder, the first thing that comes to mind is treating myself with a new investment. For some time now, I’ve been craving a new purse in the same way that I imagine an addict craves their substance of choice. (is there a ‘Bag Lady Anonymous’ group I should enroll in?!)
I’ve been mentally filing away some of my favorite choices, but I just can’t decide! I have included some of my top picks below. Any thoughts/suggestions?
Investment Bag

Garden of Accessories

One of the things that really sold us about this apartment was the balcony overlooking a cute courtyard area with lounge seating, fountain and a BBQ. With the couch and chairs taking weeks to be delivered, we decided to put some time and effort into decorating this space, as it was, literally, our only seating option for quite some time. I’m no green thumb, so it’s been a little challenging learning how to keep my plants alive and green, but it’s exciting to actually have the space and weather for a garden for the first time in our lives. Trying to grow plants on a fire escape in NYC just doesn’t cut it.

Balcony 2

Table and Chairs: Ikea |  Lantern: World Market (similar here) |  plant stand and plant boxes: Treasure Island Flea Market |  other planters: West Elm 

Balcony 1

Sunnies: Ray-Ban | Clutch: Banana Republic (love this one) | Necklace: gift

Balcony 3

Dress: Target | Sandals: Mariella

Balcony 4

California living is so tough…

Denim Tuxedo

Denim 1

This weekend, Joe and I took a spontaneous overnight trip to Lake Tahoe (post on that coming soon!), so on Friday, a relaxing evening was in order. We wandered the neighborhood and grabbed  quick bite near the marina at a street fair that Jack London Square was hosting. What’s better for a laid-back evening than a little denim-on-denim? I’ve been living in this jeans/flats combo, but instead of agonizing over what to wear on top, I reached for this worn-in chambray instead. Thoughts? Denim overkill?

Denim 3

Denim 4

Turquoise bracelets- Michael Kors (old but similar here); Watch- Michael Kors; Clutch – Francesca’s Collection (also love this one)

Denim 2

Sunnies – Ray-Ban; Shirt – Gap; Jeans- Nine West Vintage America; Flats – Franco Sarto

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Apartment Sneak Peak

As we continue to settle into our apartment, I’m really taking my time with choosing and perfecting the details. It’s been exciting to really start fresh and build our home from scratch. We’re still a long way from completion- the couch has yet to be delivered (check out my inspiration here!) Regardless, I’m really happy with the progress thus far, despite still having to use a blow up mattress as a sofa.

In the meantime, check out a sneak peak of some of my favorite pieces!

Apt 1

Because I’m now working from home, I’ve made it a point to always have fresh flowers in the apartment. It may sound trivial, but having some life in the place instantly lifts the mood.

Vase- West Elm; Coasters- Anthropologie

Apt 2

On a recent excursion to Home Goods, I spotted this side table and instantly fell in love. I’m obsessed with the detailed wood bottom and marble top- it’s a great space filler for an empty corner in the bedroom. I’m not sure what I’ll ultimately have on display here, but for now, I added a painted vase that we picked up in Ecuador, a thrifted lantern and a ceramic elephant Joe brought home from Thailand.

Apt 3

This chair! I’ve been dreaming about Eames chairs for a long time but never had the need or space for them. When designing my office nook, I was thrilled to finally have an excuse to purchase one. It’s a replica (the original chairs are approx. $500 and way out of my budget), but it’s comfortable, sturdy and exactly the look I was going for.

Apt 4

This was another Home Goods find- believe it or not, it’s an original piece by an Australian artist. The colors spoke to me as I was quickly making my way through the aisle of mass-produced and predicable canvases, and I was thrilled to discover that Home Goods has started to incorporate some real art in addition to the cheaper options.


Apt 5

Who doesn’t love succulents? We bought a number of these plants at the Treasure Island Flea Market (check out my post on that here!) On our way out of the market, we also stumbled on some vintage library card drawers, and I instantly knew I needed them to use as planters. I’ve had my eye on full-sized library card or apothecary drawer units, but true vintage pieces tend to be far outside my budget. This feels like a great compromise for now.


Apt 6

Some artwork in the kitchen- the corkboard is a DIY project brought with us from New York, and the print is a vintage book page also from the Treasure Island Flea Market.


Apt 7

These are two pieces that don’t have a home yet.  The print is actually Mayan art purchased in Mexico- it’s thin paper that has been dyed with natural coloring from berries, etc. The table is a piece I found at a thrift store in SF. I love the mirrored finish and think it will be a nice contrast to other, more industrial pieces we have in the space.


Apt 8

And finally, some desk necessities. We bought a slew of mason jars that we’ve been using for just about everything- pen holders, drinking glasses, organizing small items, etc. The skull is another treasure brought back from Mexico. I suppose it’s a bit strange to have him on my desk staring at me all day, but I love the design and colors of it.

 Stay tuned for more apartment pictures as soon as we have more furniture in place!

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