My Weekend with Loeffler Randall

I must confess, I tend to be an obsessive person, particularly with new purchases. I tend to wear new items nearly every day for a few weeks until I become (almost) tired of them. Case in point, the hat I purchased over Memorial Day weekend and wore for three days straight.

This past weekend, my obsession came in the form of my new Loeffler Randall bag that finally arrived. I spent a long time deciding which bag to splurge on (check out  other options I considered here), and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. Thus, it quickly became a weekend spent with Loeffler Randall.


Friday evening started with drinks on the rooftop bar El Techo (fantastic cocktails and great Mexican food that’s worth waiting for), followed by a stroll through some neighborhoods we have yet to really spend much time in- Noe Valley and the Castro.

Loef 2

The homes in these neighborhoods are absolutely incredible- I’d give an arm and a leg to live in any one of them, although I’m particularly obsessed with this one covered in ivy!

Loef 3

Blazer: Banana Republic | Jeans: Nine West | Shoes: Me Too | Necklace: Vintage

Loef 4

File this in “things you’ll never see in NYC”:

Loef 5

Sun setting over Noe Valley

Loef 7

On Saturday, we headed back up to wine country, a weekend activity that has become a regular tradition (not complaining!) We spent time in Sonoma and enjoyed some tastings and a great brunch at Korbel’s champagne cellars.

Loef 6

Pomegranate bellini and a BLT+avocado sandwich= heaven!

Loef 8

Loef 9

I never seem to get tired of wine out here.

Loef 11

Loef 12

Hat: Thrifted | Chambray: Gap | Maxi: Target | Sandals: Target | Necklace: Vintage

After filling up on champagne, we headed over to the Russian River to check out one of the watering holes. Next time, we plan to bring bathing suits- it was the warmest water we’ve found in NorCal thus far! I must say, my naive expectations of living a beachy and tropical life out here in CA were shot down quickly when I realized how temperamental the Bay Area’s weather is.

Loef 10
And finally, Sunday was a day for relaxing. The weather was surprisingly warm for the Bay Area, perfect for enjoying our balcony and a book that I highly recommend – #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso, the founder and CEO of Nasty Gal. It offers a unique and interesting perspective on success and making it in any field, even if it happens to take some unconventional methods to do so.

Loef 14

Shirt: Old Navy (love this one!) | Shorts: Uniqlo | Wedges: Charles by Charles David  (similar here) | Sunnies: Michael Kors

Thanks for reading- hope you have a great start to your week!

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Sunday in the Mission

Mission 6 copy

In an ongoing effort to see everything this city has to offer, Joe and I have attempting to spend time in different neighborhoods each week. This Sunday, we found ourselves in the Mission District, an area that is definitely the Williamsburg of San Francisco. Although, I have to say, Williamsburg has nothing on these incredible Victorian homes…

Mission 2

In our wanderings, we stumbled up on Dog Eared Books, a great used & new bookstore full of variety and character. It instantly reminded me of NYC’s Strand, but smaller.

Mission 3

Just a few blocks from the shopping and restaurants on Valencia Street is Dolores Park, a grassy expanse with great views of the city. I’ve come to realize and appreciate that San Francisco is a city full of parks, often located at the crest of a hill and with a view (but really, what in SF isn’t on a hill?)

Mission 4

Mission 5

Also like Brooklyn, the Mission is definitely not lacking in street art. The weather was gorgeous but typical for a San Francisco summer- mid to high 60’s- hence the jacket.  To be honest, I prefer this kind of weather; there’s nothing worse than dripping in sweat on a hot NYC summer day.

Mission 1

Mission 7Jacket: Kensie (love this blue one and would kill for this designer version) | Shirt: Uniqlo | Jeans: Gap |Bag: 3.1. Phillip Lim for Target | Necklace : H&M

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Garden of Accessories

One of the things that really sold us about this apartment was the balcony overlooking a cute courtyard area with lounge seating, fountain and a BBQ. With the couch and chairs taking weeks to be delivered, we decided to put some time and effort into decorating this space, as it was, literally, our only seating option for quite some time. I’m no green thumb, so it’s been a little challenging learning how to keep my plants alive and green, but it’s exciting to actually have the space and weather for a garden for the first time in our lives. Trying to grow plants on a fire escape in NYC just doesn’t cut it.

Balcony 2

Table and Chairs: Ikea |  Lantern: World Market (similar here) |  plant stand and plant boxes: Treasure Island Flea Market |  other planters: West Elm 

Balcony 1

Sunnies: Ray-Ban | Clutch: Banana Republic (love this one) | Necklace: gift

Balcony 3

Dress: Target | Sandals: Mariella

Balcony 4

California living is so tough…

The Weekend of the Hat

After a living in a crazed state for the past few weeks, Joe and I were excited to take the long holiday weekend as an opportunity to finally relax. A “staycation,” so to speak.

On Saturday, we ventured over to Treasure Island, a spot between Oakland and SF that is home to one of the biggest flea markets in the area. We had a blast poking around the stalls and discovering trinkets and furniture that would work in our new apartment.Flea Market 3

Upon passing a table overflowing with hats of all shapes and sizes, I jokingly grabbed a Panama to try on and immediately fell in love! In 24 years, I’ve never worn a hat, nor have I ever found one that looked anything less than ridiculous on me. But for whatever reason, this hat and I were obviously meant to be. The connection was so strong that I ended up wearing it immediately as well as every day for the rest of the weekend. Thus, it became the weekend of the hat.



The views from Treasure Island are incredible.


Shirt – Uniqlo; Jeans- Gap; Shoes- Me Too (similar here and here)


Bag- Coach (love this one); Scarf- Vintage; Bracelet- H&M; Watch- Michael Kors (similar here)

On Sunday morning, I grabbed my new hat and wandered up to the Lake Merritt area of Oakland. Only a few blocks from our apartment, it’s a great spot for people watching, relaxing by the water or grabbing a bite.


Shirt- Uniqlo; Skirt- Uniqlo (love this one); Bag- 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target

Later, we enjoyed dinner a little closer to home at Forge, a great brick oven pizza spot right on the marina. By a stroke of luck, we managed to score a table looking out over the water on a gorgeous night- couldn’t have asked for a more perfect setting.


On Monday, we realized in a panic that we would have failed at celebrating a holiday weekend if we didn’t make it to the beach at some point!  On a whim, we decided to take a drive down the coast  on Highway 1 and check it out for ourselves, and the views did not disappoint. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t conducive to swimming, even for a brave East Coaster, but I did manage to dip my toe in the Pacific!



Note the infamous hat- beach cover-up is old, from Ecuador.



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Beach Views

Over the weekend, we found ourselves torn with how to spend the day. The city was calling our name, but the beautiful 80-degree weather was also begging to be taken advantage of. Apparently, in San Francisco, there’s no need to choose.

Beach 12

We wandered over to Crissy Field and the adjacent beach with amazing views of the city as well as the bridge.

Beach 11

 “Dedicated to those who find this park a beautiful place to dream”

Beach 10

Beach 9

Beach 6

Last summer, while wandering through a Target in Queens, NY, I was drawn to the bright colors of this scarf. It was the only one in the entire display, and upon further inspection, I realized that the design was actually a map of Cape Cod. What are the odds of finding this kind of treasure in the middle of NY? I bought it, obviously, and wear it whenever I’m feeling a little homesick.

Beach 4

Dress: Target, Bracelet: J Crew (Similar here and here)

Beach 3

Alcatraz in the distance.

Beach 2

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Food Trucks and Wineries

Per usual, Joe and I spent last weekend exploring California by way of food and drinks. First stop- Off the Grid in Fort Mason for a Friday evening of food and music. Off the Grid is an organization of popular food trucks that spring up throughout the city, and you can find unique treats such as bacon and panko encrusted chicken fingers, Indian curried burritos and tater tots seasoned with rosemary and garlic. Perhaps my favorite treat of the evening, however, was a waffle cone taco filled with mint chip ice cream and dipped in hardened chocolate sauce. Yum!

May 4 6

May 4 3

May 4 2

May 4 1

Scarf, H&M – Shirt, Old Navy – Jacket, Gap – Pants, Nine West Vintage America Collection – Flats, Franco Sarto (similar here) – Bag, Kate Spade (similar here)

May 4 7

Saturday’s weather was gorgeous, and it was the perfect opportunity to take a drive up to Napa Valley. It’s only an hour’s drive but feels like a world away from the city, making it an ideal day trip on a sunny weekend.

May 4 5

The view overlooking Sterling Vineyards- the only vineyard in the world to have a tram for access to the vineyard. Hanging 90 feet in the air with 360 degree views of the grounds was certainly an impressive introduction.

May 4 4

Dress, H&M – Jacket, Old Navy

May 4 11

Rows upon rows of oak barrels

May 4 10

May 4 9

The tour was a bit of a maze, circling throughout the various levels of the winery. The last stop brings you onto this veranda with breathtaking views.

May 4 8

All in all, quite the successful weekend!

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Salsa in Sausalito

One of the perks of living in Marin County is being close enough to San Francisco to enjoy the city but far enough away to enjoy the other things that California has to offer.


After a morning of hiking a few weekends ago, we were hungry and curious about Sausalito, a little city located just North of San Francisco. It’s nestled in the hills overlooking the bay and has incredible views of the ocean, Alcatraz and SF.



After wandering the marina and soaking up some sun, we stumbled on a hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant called Salsalito Taco Shop.  It looked like a little taco stand you might find on the beach in Mexico, and we were intrigued.

Screen shot 2014-05-03 at 11.44.46 AM

The best part of the restaurant may be the fact that while we were waiting for a table, the hostess handled me a fresh margarita to sip on.  Not such a bad way to kill time.


Fish tacos & pulled pork tacos on Joe’s plate…check out more of the menu here! The food was delicious, the service was speedy and what better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than relaxing by the bay with a margarita and a few tacos?